“Yanni was so happy to go to camp everyday.  All of the physical activity was great for him and his teachers at school have already commented on how quickly he is moving around. I loved the pictures that you sent us.  I really enjoyed seeing Yanni having his own adventures around the city and making new friends.  The children’s smiles were awesome! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found your camp.  I was very impressed with the kind, fun and supportive teachers.  The camp is very valuable to the children in the community who need to carry over structure during school breaks. “-Christal, MBC Camp Parent


“Camp MBC has been one of the greatest things that has happened for Julian” It’s given him a chance to experience going to camp and to be with his peers in a social setting with non stop fun activities. I don’t have to worry about him because the staff take such good care.There’s no other camp available for special needs kids like this.”-Karine, MBC Parent


“MBC music class is amazing! Ms. Roaine really captures the kids attention and has them participating in songs and she always has some fun props that engage the kids so much.”-Karine, MBC Parent


“My daughter has been receiving ABA therapy at MBC for almost a year now. The two therapists that work with her are exceptional. They work to help carry over lessons that she is working on at school and also help her in the community. For example they take her out for meals, to the park, to the supermarket and to the Children’s museum. MBC has been a huge component to my daughters progress.”-Cara, MBC Parent


Camp MBC gave my daughter an opportunity to enjoy holiday time just like other children her age. She was able to go on several amazing field trips like the movies, The Transit Museum and the Sony Center. These were great   activities for her and she was occupied and happy the entire week. The structure of the camp allowed her to stick to her normal routine which is crucial for her. – Cara, Camp MBC Parent