• September 6, 2013

Our camps are designed to provide a safe, structured but most importantly fun day for children with special needs. We make sure our days are full of “teachable moments” by planning trips to grocery stores, parks, movies and more! Our trained and enthusiastic staff work hard to make sure your child enjoys their time off of school while still learning valuable social, play and community skills.

Our camps are custumizable to fit you and your families needs. Choose 2:1 or 1:1 staff support, sign up for the whole week or just a few days and let us know if you would like additional Speech or Occupational services during the week.
To Sign up for our next camp August 19th – 23rd and 26th – 30th, contact Emily Royer

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A Day in the Life of an MBC Camper

Arrival: Students are welcomed into the center by staff. ADL (Activities in Daily Living) and social skills are focused on with students unpacking and putting away their back packs, requesting and using the bathroom if needed and saying hello to camp instructors and friends.

Morning Circle: Morning Circle or Meeting is a time to sing hello and welcome friends, talk about the calendar and give a weather report. All students have adapted materials so they can be full participants in the group.

Park Time: Our trips to the park are not only a time to have fun but also a time to learn. We focus on community safety skills such as how and when to cross streets and walking appropriately with a partner as well as play and social skills at the park.

Morning Snack: Snacks are provided by parents

Individualized Educational Programming: We love to have fun but we also know how important it is to focus on academic work over school breaks. Our educational programming is designed specifically for each child and is developed by using parent feedback, speaking with the child’s current teacher and focusing on IEP goals.

Lunch: Students work on various social and verbal skills such as sharing,requesting and commenting. Lunch is provided by parents.

Leisure Skills: Students work on leisure, play and social skills

Community Outings: We have various community outings which include trips to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for cooking groups, visits to Michaels for special art supplies and field trips to the movies or the zoo. Our outings focus on community training and ADL skills such as learning how to handle money and buy items, using a metro card, subway and bus safety and more. All trips include individually adapted materials such as social stories, 1st/Then boards, shopping lists with visuals and more to ensure the success of each child.

Group Lessons: Our group lessons include cooking, science, art, music and more. We also have certified Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists who join us to run their own groups.

Pack Up/Dismissal: Students say goodbye to friends and instructors, pack up and look forward to coming back the next day for more fun!