All children have different needs, respond to different stimuli, and learn in different ways. Unlike many other after-school programs that scale down activities for typically developing children, The Manhattan Behavioral Center builds each enrichment class from the ground up, creating exclusively individually tailored programs. We offer 2:1 and 1:1 support to give all children with special needs the opportunity to participate in non-competitive, skill expanding and fun activities in a small group setting. Our classes are led by highly trained and enthusiastic staff who have expertise in each activity.

Let The Manhattan Behavioral Center help your child develop flexibility, structure and coordination for a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle with our new Enrichment Classes!

In collaboration with Lil Yogi’s NYC, The Manhattan Behavioral Center is excited to introduce our first Yoga Enrichment Class. Lil Yogi’s NYC is an up and coming yoga program specializing in bringing yoga to children with special needs. Classes will introduce students to a plethora of poses through songs, imaginative play, games and stories. Classes are educational, innovative and fun! Lil Yogi’s instructors Rachel and Samara have experience working with children of all ability and will be supported by the highly trained and experienced MBC staff.

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