Center Based ABA

MBC is rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), offering comprehensive services year-round through one-to-one programming. Our initial emphasis is on the assessment of a student’s academic, social, verbal behavior and other behavioral repertoires. This guides the development of our individualized programming for each client. Once programming has been established, the focus is on the acquisition, generalization and fluency of skills which are needed to promote independence and community participation. Oversight and supervision of each program is done on an on-going basis for all client data by our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts.

Our center is designed for the assessment and support of clients with challenging behaviors. These services begin with functional behavior assessment (FBA) or functional analysis (FA) of problem behaviors to determine the function of the target behavior(s). FBAs are FAs are conducted by Board Certified Behavior Analysts in conjunction with families and educational team members. A behavior intervention plan is then designed to replace the target behaviors with more appropriate behaviors. The assessment and behavior plan are followed by on-going support and training for families, caregivers, therapists and other individuals the client may have contact with to ensure consistency of the behavior plan’s application. The plan and data are continually analyzed to ensure its effectiveness. Behaviors supported through these assessment and treatment services may include (but are not limited to): injury to self or others, PICA (ingestion of non-edible items), stereotypy, toilet training, food selectivity, and other behaviors that interfere with educational or life function.